Service standards

Service promise

QBE New Zealand takes pride in its reputation as a fair company that's easy to work with. If you have a claim we promise to action it promptly and deal with you fairly and to help you get your life, or business, back to normal as soon as possible.

Service standards

To ensure you get the best possible service in all aspects of your business with QBE, we’ve developed service standards that we’ve set ourselves – and make it our promise to deliver them to you and our broker partners.

Minimum service standards

New business quotes    
Enquiry 24 hours Communication within 24 hours of approach with the name of our contact, an early indication of interest and detail of any additional information required or a time frame when we will respond with additional queries.

Quote/decline to quote    
Straightforward 3 days From having received all required information.
Complex 7 days Advise within 24 hours of receipt of all required information of when the final quote can be expected.
Written cover note 24 hours Within 24 hours of accepting being "on risk".
Issue policy 2 weeks On receipt of all information required.

Renewal/expiration notice 30 days prior to expiry Applies in respect of all risks complete with contact name at QBE and renewal information required.
Quote/Cover Note/Certificates/Policy As above As for new business

New claim  24 hours Acknowledge receipt via e-mail to broker with details of staff member handling the claim, assessor or lawyer appointed (if needed), QBE claim number (if allocated), request any further information needed.
Appointment of assessor or lawyer Where needed:
  • Property 24 hours
  • Liability 48 hours
Advise broker by phone or email, or confirm/discuss any appointment already made by the insured or broker.
Acceptance/Denial 3 days of receipt of all required information

2 exceptions to the timing:

  •  cases of suspected fraud
  •  complex claims

In which cases, as soon as practicable.

Settlement 3 days of receipt of all required information Via broker with details of how settlement is calculated, or direct to repairer (with update to broker).
Claims updates 24 hours Either as developments take place or on broker request.

Other communications    
General 24 hours

Please note hours = business hours